Securing Communication and Collaboration

Collaborate on files, sync documents, and chat with coworkers or clients, even over untrusted networks. SpiderOak CrossClave offers government agencies and vendors multi-user file sharing, sync and chat with unparalleled security.

CrossClave is a security-first alternative to existing SaaS based file sharing and collaboration tools. CrossClave provides users absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of their contracting, personnel information, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices.

Why CrossClave?

The Industry's only complete collaboration suite
for ease of use and 100% Zero-Trust secure communication and collaboration

SpiderOak’s CrossClave is designed for federal organizations with both exacting security needs and thoroughly collaborative teams. CrossClave allows users to share any file type, chat with any team member, or even call each other with the same best-in-class security for each method of communication. There is no need to compromise security for speed or ease of access – CrossClave provides all three.


CrossClave is secure in any environment

Protect data confidentiality, integrity & availability on any network

CrossClave’s design removes the network and the server as vulnerabilities. Plain text is only ever available to the endpoints of the system, so only those with a need to know are in the know. Because of this zero-trust design, CrossClave is ideal for:

  • Secure Edge Communication enabling warfighters safe access to data and software previously only available at large data centers.
  • Secure Government Telework for distributed organizations and missions to secure the exchange of sensitive information.
  • Multi Stakeholder/National Collaboration who need to create a secure network from locally available equipment.
  • Protecting Federal Intellectual Property by leveraging secure distributed data enclaves for the safe exchange and use of digital intellectual property where and when it is needed.

CrossClave Puts Security First

Security is not an add-on.

Most commercial off the shelf communication and collaboration offerings on the market today are designed for business and operational efficiency, i.e., increasing the output and profitability of a dispersed virtual workforce.

For most security only becomes a priority after something happens, and something always happens. When it does, a reactive approach to security is little comfort to users whose sensitive data and private communications have been exposed to the outside world.

Because CrossClave was designed to operate in the highly contested environments of the federal mission space, it is built secure from the ground up. Because the security is baked-in, not bolted-on, government organizations with sensitive information can finally take advantage of remote collaboration and communication efficiencies without risking the confidentiality of critical data assets.


CrossClave’s Security Architecture

Zero-trust and Distributed Ledger
CrossClave leverages zero-knowledge encryption and distributed-ledger capabilities to render entire categories of vulnerabilities obsolete and extend a level of protection to remote work unachievable until today.

End-to-End No Knowledge Encryption
CrossClave encrypts everything using NSA CNSAS cryptography. Keys to ciphers are held only by endpoints with a need to know – never by the server or administrators. CrossClave may be configured to use a specified algorithm, or even interface with hardware-based encryption modules.

Cryptographic Compartments
CrossClave allows all users to create compartments that are cryptographically kept separate from all other compartments within CrossClave, allowing teams to create spaces that precisely reflect their security landscape.


Enforced Need-to-Know
CrossClave’s unique policy engine closes loopholes in authority and permission schemes. Simple coding can produce a series of facts and rules which govern all actions within CrossClave, which will reject all access requests or actions from those without a defined need to know or authority.

Irrefutable Logging
CrossClave is built on a distributed ledger that exactly reflects both the current and past states of the system. These logging capabilities mean that the state of the system can be reviewed, and access to data can be precisely defined for any time within the system’s history, giving nearly unprecedented insights during security reviews.


CrossClave delivers a full productivity suite

CrossClave Features:

Unlimited Version Control

  • Automatically retains every version of every file.

Centralized Team Management

  • Team administrator controls file deletion, folder creation, and user privileges.

Selective Sharing

  • Share files with your entire team, a select group, or an individual.


  • Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on different operating systems.

Hosted or On-Premise

  • SpiderOak CrossClave is available for both on-premise deployment or hosted as a service.

Instant Notifications

  • Get a notification whenever anyone updates a shared file or folder.

Full Mobile Functionality

  • Download, view, and upload files from your mobile device for complete continuity.

Next Steps

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