• We build technology for the high-security demands of ‘need to know’, mission-driven organizations.

  • The SpiderOak Story

    "There Are No Workarounds for Security."


    About Us

    SpiderOak technology makes vulnerabilities in infrastructure irrelevant. We are actively developing new capabilities that will change the definition of information security.


    Our Principles

    Integrity -

    We do what is right, not what is easy


    Innovation -

    We are not OK with the status quo


    Collaboration -

    We secure critical communication in insecure environments




    What We Do

    Expanded the blockchain use case to enable need-to-know compartments over untrusted networks and infrastructure. We are an application-centric way to rethink computer security, not an add-on or perimeter security solution.



    Our Background

    Ten years of inventing leading-edge security and privacy technology. Unashamed to take chances and be creative. Thousands of users prove our world view. We have shepherded No Knowledge software from obscurity into the limelight.



    Our Offerings

    A platform built on Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge encryption, designed to run in hostile environments.


    Authority-based protocol that enables applications with security built-in, not bolted on.


    On the fly cryptographic compartmentalization that is based on “need-to-know” security policies.


  • The Federal Mission Systems Team

    Dave Pearah

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mike Campanelli

    VP Federal

    Adam Tervort

    VP Customer Success

    Matt Erickson

    VP Solutions

    Andrew Friedrich

    VP Marketing

  • SpiderOak Products

    Secure Communication & Collaboration Products To Meet Mission Needs

    SpiderOak CrossClave

    Collaborate on files, sync documents, and chat with coworkers or clients, even over untrusted networks.

    SpiderOak CrossClave offers government agencies and vendors multi-user file sharing, sync and chat with unparalleled security.


    This is a security-first alternative to existing SaaS based file sharing and collaboration tools. CrossClave provides users absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of their contracting, personnel information, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices.


    CrossClave leverages the SpiderOak Platform, proving the concept, and presenting a ready-to-test application for those who would like to explore the platform for custom applications. Simple HTML5 coding skills are all that are needed to get started creating plugins or fully custom applications.


    SpiderOak LogSecure

    LogSecure provides forensically secure immutable logs for monitoring and auditing system events.

    With LogSecure, administrators are able to quickly identity log discrepancies caused by bad actors and insider threats who attempt log manipulation to cover improper use.


    When combined with network monitoring software, LogSecure allows deeper analysis of network events, which in turn supports taking decisive action to limit response times, data loss, and intrusions.


    LogSecure is multi-platform with support for Windows Event Log, and Linux syslog output. Data from LogSecure can be routed to one or multiple secure compartments, each of which is endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted.

    SpiderOak Platform

    Build end-to-end encrypted applications on a private blockchain.

    The SpiderOak Platform is a foundation for building trustworthy, cross-platform software. It provides end-to-end encryption, public and private key management, and enforced policy to the top-level application, and is flexible enough to support simple and complex applications.


    The SpiderOak Platform directly addresses the biggest challenges facing computer security today – managing need to know, trust, and policy for communication and collaboration. In legacy systems, the failure of one or two points of trust can compromise an entire system.


    The SpiderOak Platform reduces the risk associated with failures of trust through key-based management of identity and authority, a powerful policy engine to digitally enforce compensating controls, and Distributed Ledger Technology to manage information access. With the SpiderOak Platform, it is easy to manage access to information, limit vectors of attack, and reduce data leaks in the top level application.

  • SpiderOak Solutions

    Secure Collaboration & Application Development Solutions Leveraging Next Generation

    No-Knowledge Distributed Ledger Technology.

    Defense & Intelligence

    SpiderOak Defense & Intelligence Solutions

    Hostile and insecure mission environments require secure capabilities for communication and collaboration between partners, allies, and coalition members. Modern information systems see constant insider threats and leaks to foreign nation-state actors; you need seamless and rock-solid information assurances to respond.


    Built secure from the ground up!

    SpiderOak helps solve these challenges through building security at the core of our communication and collaboration offerings while providing an easy to use, intuitive interface.



    Civilian Government

    SpiderOak Civilian Government Solutions

    Effective operation of federal government agencies increasingly depends on a smooth flow of information across organizations, among stakeholders and with the public. The tools used for this collaboration and communication too often fail to provide the functionality and compliance that agencies require. This means that operations and delivery of essential services are at risk of being disrupted.


    Continual threats to government computer networks and systems jeopardize everything from management of critical infrastructure and emergency channels to internal operations and sensitive public data. Agencies and the public expect this ever-changing cyber ecosystem to be protected to ensure continuity of services.


    SpiderOak provides federal government organizations collaboration and communication tools to facilitate efficient workflow while defending against cyber threats. SpiderOak is well versed in developing and delivering cryptographically compartmented cloud software. Our easy-to-use tools assure the protection they require, with the added benefit of lowering costs.


    Fulfilling missions and maintaining the public’s trust

    SpiderOak helps meet these obligations by transparently embedding security within your collaboration tools while providing a user-friendly interface.



    Government Contractors

    SpiderOak Government Contractor Solutions

    Government agencies are requiring that vendors meet increasingly demanding compliance standards to bid on and fulfill contracts for products and services. Non-compliance results in disqualification from profitable contracting opportunities.


    Yet, typical collaboration and communication tools do not provide adequate data protection to meet compliance specifications. Therefore, those tools put government networks and system at risk. Emails, shared files, cloud-based storage and even communication platform links can present unacceptable vulnerability points.


    SpiderOak offers government vendors collaboration and communication tools that meet security compliance requirements and optimize workflow. With years of experience developing and delivering cryptographically compartmented collaboration software, SpiderOak is ready to provide the right tools to enable your success. Our easy-to-use tools assure the protection government agencies need, all while lowering your hardware and data protection costs.


    Compliance and improved collaboration

    With SpiderOak’s built-in Distributed Ledger, end-to-end encryption, and policy management in its collaboration tools, secure file sharing and communication is assured.



    Enterprise Software

    SpiderOak Enterprise Software Solutions

    Unsecured collaboration and communication platforms commonly used within organizations increasingly put networks and systems at risk from threats inside and outside the organization. Enterprise file sharing tools, especially public cloud-based services, and email software inadequately address control over access and may have back-doors. The Federal Mission-space is beginning to recognize the potential direct costs of data breaches as well as liabilities associated with citizens who are affected.
    SpiderOak has more than 10 years of experience providing enterprise citizen/customer collaboration and communication tools that support efficient workflow while defending against a broad range of cyber threats. SpiderOak offers easy to use collaboration tools for compartmentalized information. Increased security leads to lower costs through limited liability and preservation of essential intellectual property.


    Built in security

    SpiderOak helps solve these challenges through building security at the core of our communication and collaboration offerings while providing an easy to use, intuitive interface.

  • SpiderOak


    CrossClave Now Available on the AWS Marketplace!

    WASHINGTON, May. 6, 2020/ SpiderOak's CrossClave application allows communication and data-sharing that is secured across any network with end-to-end encryption.

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    Mission Systems Expands Executive Team With Key New Hire

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ Michael Campanelli Joins SpiderOak Mission Systems as Vice President of Federal -



    SpiderOak to Give Away Secure Enterprise Chat Application

    WASHINGTON, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ Supporting Sudden Remote Workforce by Providing Free Enterprise Chat Application.

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    SpiderOak News!

    Mission Systems Hires New VP of Marketing

    WASHINGTON, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SpiderOak is pleased to announce and welcome Andrew J. Friedrich as Vice President of Marketing -

    SpiderOak News

    SpiderOak Mission Systems Partners with Carahsoft to Provide Secure Communication & Collaboration Solutions to Federal Government!



    SpiderOak Mission Systems Adds Recognized Industry Leaders to Federal Advisory Board

    We are honored that Lieutenant General Ken Tovo, U.S. Army (Retired), Counterterror and Cyber Security expert Nancy Dillman, and internationally renowned political scientist and management scholar Professor Daniel Diermeier, will officially be joining SpiderOak’s newly created Federal Advisory Board”, said Dave Pearah, President and CEO of SpiderOak Mission Systems.



    Blockchain and Distributed Ledger, Not Just For Cryptocurrency Anymore!

    Recorded on August 6th at 2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am PST. Watch now to learn how SpiderOak is expanding the federal blockchain use-case.....




    SpiderOak Mission Systems announces CrossClave Early Adopter Program for the Federal Market-


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  • Use Case:

    Secure Telework

    CrossClave is the highly secure tool that unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that cannot be put to risk.

    Use Case:

    Agile Multinational Collaboration

    CrossClave enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and equipment.

    Use Case:

    Distributed Ledger Technology

    DLT and Blockchain are popular buzzwords in today's security market because DLT and Blockchain create security opportunities that have not existed before.